Southeast Asian audiences have embraced South Korean dramas in large in large. Actually, Doctor Cha recently topped Netflix charts in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as Taiwan.
Some parents take their efforts to properly raise their kids way too far. Young-soon, a mother of four, has uncompromising views who wishes for her son Kangho to become an attorney.
A devastating accident leaves a zealous prosecutor mentality of a toddler
It’s tough not to be a fan of it. Good Bad Mother. The intriguing animal metaphor in pink makes us think about our beliefs and assumptions. The first episode an agriculturalist explains how animals are kept in sandbags they rub their excrement on their own. This is similar to how we deal with animals who are different from them.
Young-soon who has a reputation for rigid discipline raises her child with one aim that she has in mind: turning him into a prosecutor. In order to ensure that he succeeds in the legal field, she has to discipline her son and hits her. The reason for her savagery is to protect her son’s future, but at the expense of their relationship.
The script on this series is outstanding The characters are not confined to the typical K-drama the black-and-white archetype. In fact, even the antagonists have human characteristics and are very well-rounded. They have invested their hearts into the role.
He’s forced in search of the answers to the broken heart of his mother.
The Good Bad Mother dives directly into the matter at hand providing us with every detail of Kang-ho and Young-soon’s chaotic relationship as their only immediate family through vignettes of painfully raw moments. It’s always sweet love hidden amid the chaos, from their fights with school bullies and college entrance exams the first time they met.
Young-soon’s tries to make everything ideal for her child end up suffocating him, and he soon realises that it’s the time to be by himself. This series is so beautifully produced that it doesn’t feature anyone who is regarded as models of K-dramas.
Ra Mi-ran is absolutely amazing as the protagonist of The Good Bad Mother. It’s hard to believe the characters she portrays aren’t real. There’s a reason why viewers can’t be satisfied with this actress. Stay tuned for her appearance in the in the near future.
A second chance at love.
The Good Bad Mother is an brutally raw drama that tackles the messiness of parental relationships. Ra Mi-ran who is adept at this talent, has a way of showing the emotions of her characters. Every character has many emotions, that makes it difficult for the viewer to forget them.
Arnold’s and Alicia’s romance looks perfect on surface, but there’s something developing beneath. Alicia isn’t willing to face her problems and instead, she immerses herself into the lives that their parents Jack and Brenda with the help of an app for dating.
The film is part of Hallmark’s Spring Into Love lineup and brings together Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle who were last seen together on the 15-season hit NBC series ER as Dr. Peter Benton and Physician Assistant Jeanie Boulet in the respective roles. Hallmark Channel will stream A Second Chance at Love tonight at 8/7c. You are able to watch it via any streaming service, such as Philo, FuboTV and others.
Self-discovery is an adventure.
When people are “bad” as a society, it’s difficult to imagine a more cruel insult than the label of bad mother. To the society, a mother who harms her child is not redeemed. This makes her a societal responsibility in moral terms, and a legal risk all in one.
18 again นักแสดง
Coles points out that mothers are always navigating this space of renegotiation between their own desires and those of their children. Mothers have a history of past hurts and desires which they constantly revisit for the sake of ensuring the well-being of their child.
This is the reason that makes The Good Bad Mother such an enthralling drama. With its gripping story of redemption and loss infused by high stakes drama and meticulously smacked with slice-of-life narrative, the show will keep viewers captivated quickly. Lee Do-hyun, Ra Mi-ran and an ensemble cast filled with talent make The Good Bad Mother an emotional journey of self-discovery it’s a show you don’t want to miss.

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