The Best Films Of 2014

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave Notwithstanding its Hans Zimmer score. And an Italian banner that broadly attempted to sell it as a Brad Pitt activity film, A forlorn subjugation journal lovely mounted by Steve ‘Yearning’ McQueen. Was completely liberated from foot pursues, blasts and different fireworks. Novice Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar. For her portrayal of forbearing slave young lady Patsy. Helping her to a Star Wars compartment en route. Yet Chiwetel Ejiofor was our serious and periodically distrusting channel through. A world in which pitilessness was really revered in law. The Zimmer score. Loaded with frequenting strings, wasn’t awful by the same token.

Under The Skin

Under the Skin : เนื้อหนังหรือมังสา

Never one to precisely slam them out, Jonathan Glazer’s battles to present to Michel Faber’s apparently unfilmable novel to the screen brought. About an extended advancement measure in any case landed him the ideal lead entertainer. Swings and Glasgow traffic circles. At that point, since it was Scarlett Johansson who at last jumped out of Hollywood to cruise all over Ibrox in a van for half a month – and you wouldn’t get such a large number of celebrities in a Ford Transit. She made an iridescent, curious outsider attempting to fold her extra-earthbound noggin over the idea of the human spirit, Tommy Cooper and Glasgow’s befuddling ring streets. Ghostly and at times awkward. This was a somewhat science fiction somewhat street film where each languorous second consumed another permanent picture or bumping soundscape onto the psyche.

The Guest

The Guest Movie Review: Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens in Creepy Role | Time

Despite a radiant abandon Dan “damn. He’s somewhat dishy” Stevens as a pleasantly unhinged outsider/eliminator at the entryway – just as a stellar soundtrack, noteworthy supporting cast and some smooth activity set-pieces from You’re Next man Adam Wingard – just six individuals and a canine really saw The Guest in films. With its U.S. run procuring just $285,845 (the canine purchased a great deal of tickets). You’d think seeing Downton Abbey’s hottest specialist with a major firearm would be sufficient for American crowds, however it was not to be, leaving the suspenseful thrill ride/repulsiveness parody ready to turn into a religion exemplary. ดูหนัง hd


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