Inter course architecture branch Where are they? Considered as another


Inter course architecture branch Where are they? Considered as another interesting alternative Anyone looking for a future, further study and open job? Considered to be another interesting option for children Anyone looking for a future, further study and open job? Because of studying international courses, especially in this field Will help improve English language skills And allow children to They are able to meet in a diverse, international and diverse learning environment that will benefit future work.

For anyone who wants to study architecture That take international courses In this article, we have a list of public and private universities that offer such courses for you. To be used to choose the entrance examination as follows

Chiang Mai University

Faculty of Architecture Bachelor of Science (MSc) Program in Integrated Design, New Architecture, 4-year course

King Mongkut’s University Thonburi

Faculty of Architecture of this University It has been taught since 1991 as an international program for the entire faculty, there are 4 courses as follows

• 5-year course architecture

Interior architecture 5 years course

• Industrial Design 4-year curriculum

• Art Supervision Design, a 4-year program

Chulalongkorn University

For international courses Has opened the first class in 2006 (2006) with the following courses

• INDA Architecture, studying for 4 years, the qualification is B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)

• Visual Communication Design COMMDE, studying for 4 years, the qualification is B.Sc. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Thammasat University

There are 2 interesting courses which focus on management:

– Urban Design and Development (International Program) 5-year course

– Design, Business & Technology Management (English program) Course 3.5 years

To study the architecture of the international, how do you prepare for it?

1. Prepare the results of the English language exam.

2. Prepare mathematics exam results There is only one Chula that is used

3. Prepare design and drawing abilities. This is the CU-TAD exam. If you are going to enter CU And specialized design capabilities

4. Prepare a portfolio (Portfolio), recommend that you start selecting PORT about 4-6 months before the actual submission. Since the workmanship has been fully developed (since the 2nd semester, the end of the second semester must start collecting the results. But if you have a good old job that gets an award, you can get it in the file.)

5. Prepare the Conversation Skills and Wits you need. Because used in interviews

For students who are studying Thai school, EP course, or normal course, that’s what you need to study. The first thing is English, both grammar and speaking. Not to worry because the children are studying every day, so many schools need to take the SAT IELTS TOEFL exam.  สถาปนิก


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