How to design a good and effective home? What to consider Whoever


How to design a good and effective home? What to consider Whoever wants to know, come and see the design of your own house to be perfect without a professional need. For someone with no home design experience and house plans, this is very difficult. Because besides having to take into account the beauty and functionality Also need to consider the cost that is bothersome. So for people who are going to design their own home and are looking for inspiration. Today, brings together effective home design tips. Guaranteed to help make difficult matters easier. Plus, you definitely need to get a beautiful house that you want.


1. Choose a type of residence suitable for members.


Not every family needs a big house. And it’s not that every family is suitable for a small home. Therefore, the most important thing before designing a house is to choose a type of residence that is suitable for the number of family members such as single-detached houses, townhouses or condos. How much space should be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle? In order to further calculate how many bedrooms in our residence should be How much toilets And which parts are added


2. Make layouts a priority.


After selecting the type of residence Should pay attention to the house plan before decorating. Because even though the house is beautiful But if it does not meet the needs of daily use, it is useless. So anyone who is going to design a house Should complete the design of the house plan first. By considering how to position each room Between common areas and private spaces Can be next to each other or separate people from different zones to better lane To prevent noise Or the living room, dining room, kitchen, partition wall is good? Or better design in Open Plan

3. Decorate according to the space.


After choosing the desired house plan It’s the stage of decoration Which should be selected in accordance with the space, size and layout of the house, for example, if the house is relatively small. Should choose a modern style decoration. Because both the color scheme and the design in this style will help the interior look spacious, bright, airy atmosphere. More than a traditional style or a traditional home. That often use a partition wall to divide the space Which will make the house that is already small even narrower


4. Consider the advantages – disadvantages of each point.


When you get a house that you like Do not act immediately Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each point once, for example, if you like large windows because you want the house to be bright and see the outside view. Do not forget to see if it matches the sun or not When is the sun Otherwise it will heat up the house. May have to install an awning or change the heat proof curtains

5. Make a clear budget.


Another problem of decorating the house that many people tend to face is Buying things into the house is pleasurable too much. Because I want everything The more you find, the more you find what you want. Therefore, you should set a clear budget and try to control it within the specified limit. Prevent the budget from escalating or overloading a little, but not too much. More importantly, do not forget to keep an account. To know what to spend on And can reduce where to save more


6. Ask for opinions from knowledgeable persons


This is to reduce the problems that will come later. Should consult or ask for opinions from people in the design industry. It could be an experienced acquaintance or an expert like Architect or additional interior as well. Because they have in-depth knowledge Able to provide advice in all aspects Including adjustments and bug fixes to make the house more suitable and livable for us


7. Trust your intuition.


Because home design cannot be wrong, there is no right, so the most important thing is suitability and needs. In addition to the aforementioned design methods There is no need to follow exactly everything, some may look a little out of the box. But if you consider that it is what we like and it fits with the nature of daily life. Trust your intuition and act on your own home, or simply say that if you feel right, yes, no need to be based on anyone. According to the textbook of cultivating


Home design has many factors involved. Therefore, in addition to the beautiful decoration as you like Do not forget to take into account the number of members in the house. The daily life of each person Including various comforts as well in order to make the house a truly livable home And will not have to follow the correction later  ออกแบบบ้าน


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