House design elements A house for the general middle class

House design
House design

House design elements A house for the general middle class 50-150 square wa, often as housing that does not have quality

For example, kitchen, storage, garage, hot and uncomfortable. The house should be built for the happiness of the residents’ convention. And being human is to live together happily. Get in touch with nature And was in a good environment

1. The organization of the area is proportional.

Organizing the space within the home in proportion can reduce problems within the home, for example: Watching TV, listening to music, doing homework, sleeping, cooking, eating, socializing or saving energy when using air conditioning Or prevent disturbing sounds and smells Or prevent mosquitoes, areas that should be separated

2.Natural light

All areas are exposed to natural light to create a comfortable atmosphere. And reduce annoying and uneconomical lights off – on

Natural light should come from the upper part of the room for good diffusion and less glare, so the ceiling color should be a bright shade. If the color is too bright, it will be bright. Therefore should be slightly darker

3. Ventilation

Ventilation principle It should be performed as follows.

Gardening around the house By using a tree that has grown well Because of the cold from the trees In addition to being caused by the shade And evaporation of the water It is also caused by absorbing sunlight energy for photosynthesis.

Provide moderate ventilation around the house. So as not to be damp

If there is a well, prevent the evaporated water from entering the house.

Use ventilation With the lifting force of hot air And use transverse ventilation The high room will help to ventilate. And separate the hot air layer on top

Let the bathroom and kitchen stick outside the house. Bathroom doors use solid doors To prevent moisture entering the house

Using a fan to help, it’s already comfortable.

4. Air conditioning

Young generation Born in a hospital using car air conditioning Buildings and places are also air-conditioned. Which is why the house Especially the bedroom Which is the room where people spend the most time Use air conditioning most of the time.

Bedroom must therefore be designed in a cool room condition. Is that it has good heat insulation Therefore will use a small air conditioner Then so as not to waste power

The position of the cooler must not be disturbed and heat will not be returned to the chiller section. Must not blow onto the body to distribute the air well And easy to clean

At present, it is often used for bedroom air conditioners. Therefore, the bedroom must be designed to be well insulated against heat and moisture. So that the size of the air conditioner is small And cooling load during the day And at night is almost the same

5. Sound protection

Noise often comes from

Noise from the side of the house and from the street

In-house activities

Cooling machine


Therefore, the sound should be protected as follows

Use a window that is not directly exposed to outside noise.

Divide the area of ​​use in proportion

Partition the room wall, especially the bedroom with gypsum wall, using two separate beams and a space in the middle.

Set the cooler Does not let the noise of my own home And someone else’s house

Baffle bathroom wall, floor, ceiling And use a solid door

Characteristics of interior walls between bedrooms to prevent sound

6. Key room

Don’t forget to prepare these rooms.

Storage room

Cleaning room

Garbage room in front of the house

Covered garage ออกแบบบ้าน


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