An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.

An idol
An idol

An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.Daniel Liebers Keane Polish-American architect who thinks that “Architecture is a Language” is “Architecture is the language of connecting the people of this world”. Leberskean’s work is therefore to create a place where stories can be told. More than just building a building, such as the Jewish Museum Building, the award-winning work of Lebersekeind’s Jewish Museum. It was built as a museum to tell the story of the loss and the history of more than 2 thousand years of the Jews in Germany. And so impressive that it became one of Berlin’s most famous architecture.

Liebers Keand built the museum building with a zigzag shape. The external surface is a zinc metal. Looking at the building’s enclosures and openings, it is like a beating wound. Like the painful scars of the Jews There is only one entrance and one has to go underground. Inside, the building is filled with narrow, tall and empty corridors, the highlight of which is the Holocaust Tower, a narrow, triangular room with a single light. To media and simulate the Holocaust event that the Jews died in the war.  สถาปนิก


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