A little mother’s COVID-19, no negative results, plus bringing her back home.

A little mother’s Kovid-19 test results show no negative results, as well as bringing her back home, but leaving different levels of distance.

Still in detention for the high-risk group of Covid-19.

Previously on AMC’s, but has been exposed from day one to 14 days, she’s been re-examining

the negative results.Previously on Heroes: “It’s good news for a girl because

she’s been running tests on Covid-19., except for three times.There’s no infection.

Most recently, I made a wish to reveal the results of a little mother’s Covid-19

test, which also showed no negative results, but I said that she had already returned home

but that she still had a long way to go by living on different floors.

“Day15 @nidt17 shows the closest PCR to the point of detention since Day 11 right now.

I’d like to thank you all for your support, and I’d like to wishful thinking. ♪ You’re gonna make it ♪ ♪ You’re gonna make it ♪

Well, that’s good news for the family, and it’s expected that Tyu will be detained for 21 days until he can go back to work for everyone’s safety and comfort.

“But bless you” and her sister told me creepy stories, like your father was in a flash of light, as I said.

“Higher-than-life” dessert to the door. “Tau” except for two meters in love.

“But bless you” will be responsible in any case! The capperer announces the closure of the Big Clining after the picture has been taken.Shapeworm.

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