3 things to know before designing a home 3 Things to Prepare

3 things
3 things

3 things to know before designing a home 3 Things to Prepare Before Hiring an Architect This 3-step talks about things

1. Activities (A.)

The activities here talk about The need for usable space, or in other words, is the activity that you want to happen within the building that you want to design. It is something that is essential to the design of an architect. If it is a residential building There will be general basic space requirements and special requirements such as

Common basic space requirements It is an activity that arises from the basic use of the residence.

– living room – rest – kitchen – eating – sleeping – shower – storage

Special space requirements Is a special event Where personal preferences arise Or the specific activity of the owner

– Stargazing area – Playroom – Bicycle storage – Collection display – Movie room

Commercial building This type of building will be used for business purposes. In which each business will be specific

That vary in each activity By introducing the business owner Summary of activities used in carrying out activities according to the business structure as follows:

Basic activities

– Payment section – Manufacturing – Office – Storage – etc.

Activities to meet customers

– Sitting area (number of tables or rooms to accommodate the service) – Sitting area and welcoming customers for special events

– Space to differentiate customers according to products and services – Photography area and more

In the formulation part Commercial building activities are quite high in line with business planning. May have to attend a meeting with the business planning department.

And marketing in the venture to understand the design of the area



2.Budget (B.)

The budget is another part that is not mentioned. Because it is the main driving part of the project This includes the scope of the entire project. Budget mentions From the first stage of design Will make an architect Able to control the budget Recommend suitable materials Including decoration The size of the area that is more suitable for the project owner is easier. It can also Estimate the cost of professional services. And the edge of the architect’s work is easier as well

Initial Project Cost Estimation Can think in a variety of ways In the way that will be introduced, it is easy to understand and operate. Would like to divide it into 2 ways:

1. Think from the budget to the area.

By default, may be budgeted. That need to be used in the construction of the project before Then the budget is converted into area by dividing the construction price per square meter. So that the boundaries of the volume of area come up

Like the construction budget 2,000,000.- baht set divided by

Construction price per sq m. 16,000.- baht (according to the material price at that time)

The area that can be constructed according to the budget is 125 square meters.

Architect professional fee 7.5% of the budget 150,000.-

Total 2,150,000.- baht, building construction is 125 sq m.

2. Think from the area to the budget.

It starts from thinking about the usable area of ​​the project. First, and then multiply it by the construction price per square meter. In order to get the budget for the construction

For example, the required area is 300 square meters. Set multiplied by

Construction price per sq m. 16,000.- baht (according to the material price at that time)

Construction budget 4,800,000.- Baht

Architect professional fee 7.5% of the budget 360,000.-

Total 5,160,000.- baht, construction can be building 300 sq m.

However, when obtaining the preliminary area, the budget and the desired area should be taken. Consult with the architect again

To get the budget per square meter of construction that is most cost-effective.

*** Construction price per sq m. Is just an estimate price. Have to be modified According to the layout of the area, such as the balcony and the parking lot, it will be cheaper per square meter. Including being able to modify according to the material pattern In the scope from 10,000.- baht to 50,000.- baht or more per sqm., Depending on construction materials and details of the design.



3.Copy (C.)

Copies of documents and files related to the project area, usually the owner will have some documents prepared to give to the architect. In addition to making it easier for architects to understand the project It also makes the project faster to work. By what must be prepared for the work of an architect It consists of documents and files as follows

1. Copy of land node

2. The rail document is measured as a document or a .dwg file (if applicable).

3.Photos of the preliminary project

4.Case study or a picture of the area of ​​the desired activity pattern in the area

5. A copy of the ID card of the project owner

* Used to engage architects contracting

6. Project timing plan

7. Project budget plan

There are many projects that do not provide architects with preliminary information, causing their implementation to stall. Due to the change and the wait Summarized in all three topics above. Causing the project to be postponed Some projects even have to be canceled. Because there is no preparation above Therefore preparation “3 things to prepare before hiring an architect” are necessary for

Work on a lot of projects ออกแบบบ้าน


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